Tips from TAP: Avoiding an Audit

Getting audited by CRA is no fun. Your best chance of avoiding an audit is by doing things right before you file your return this year. Some suggestions:

  1. Don’t leave anything out. Missing or incomplete information on your return will trigger an audit letter automatically.
  2. Double-check your numbers. Bad math will get you audited. People often make calculation errors when they do their returns, especially if they do them without assistance.
  3. Don’t stand out. The CRA takes a closer look at business expenses, charitable donations and high-value itemized deductions.
  4. Have your documentation in order. Be meticulous about your recordkeeping.
  5. Items that will support the tax breaks you take include: cancelled checks, receipts, credit card and investment statements, logs for mileage and business meals and proof of charitable donations.

Download the printable PDF.