Tips from TAP: Bootstrapping Tips for Entrepreneurs

Bootstrapping your business can be a smart and effective way to go.
It will likely require a great deal of patience. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

  • Know your budget better than the back of your hand. Many burgeoning entrepreneurs are too optimistic about expenses, often underestimating how much they’re actually spending.
  • Stay away from credit card debt. Many business owners form an unhealthy reliance on credit card debt as they try to grow. Do whatever you can to avoid this.
  • Network. In this case, making connections can help you find new customers and, more importantly, facilitate the learning process as you associate with established successes.
  • Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own success. If you can patiently navigate the waters of building a startup, it will be worth all the time and effort you put into it.

Worth considering if you are a start up business.

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