The Top 5 Bookkeeping Errors That Are Costing Your Business Money

The last thing you want to have happen is your hard-earned dollars being wasted by simple errors that you can control. Since so many business owners are working harder than ever before earning their living, it just makes sense to shore up every profit leak possible. But you might not know where they are or what to look for. That’s where we can help.
We have put together this free report to help you identify areas in your business where you might be able to eliminate leaks and keep more of the cash you are making.
Some ideas may be familiar to you, and some may be new. In any case, to get the most out of this report, please keep an open mind, and ask yourself if you’re satisfied with how you’re running your business. It’s not enough to know that these tips are good ideas. The real wealth is in taking action and implementing these ideas.

Here are the five biggest money leaks in your bookkeeping system.

Next steps

Next Steps

I hope you have spotted some areas where money might be leaking out of your business. If you need some help or would like to investigate the possibility of having an outside company do an assessment of your current procedures, we would be happy to help. For professional bookkeeping services in Campbell River and the … Continue reading Next Steps

invoicing too slowly


Many businesses suffer from this, but the reason is surprising: we’re sometimes too afraid to ask our customers for money. You’re not a bank! Don’t let other people use your hard earned money. The sooner you bill, the sooner you’ll get paid. Even better, rearrange your terms so that you receive a retainer or deposit … Continue reading INVOICING TOO SLOWLY?