Tips from TAP: Good financial statements

Trying to run a business without good financial statements is like trying to call football plays without knowing the information on the scoreboard (score, quarter, down, distance needed for a first down, time remaining, etc.).
Regardless of your coaching skills, it’s impossible to call plays effectively under such circumstances. Yet, in our experience, far too many small business owners attempt exactly this.
They have financial statements that are, at best, not useful for management decision-making. At worst, they are inaccurate. In addition, small business owners often receive their financial statements so late that they are no longer relevant. For entrepreneurs who are counting on their businesses to provide a
consistent source of income, this is not an acceptable state of affairs.
At a bare minimum, you must have accurate financial statements.

At TAP Bookkeeping, our customers receive their Financial Statements either monthly or quarterly. Contact us for information on how we can help your small business.

Download the printable PDF.