My Small Business Doesn’t Need a Bookkeeper

Truly?? You don’t need a bookkeeper? As a small business owner, are you continually saying,”I’ll get around to my bookkeeping tasks …. whenever I have the time.”

It’s never a good idea to push off your bookkeeping tasks until “when you have the time” or assume that you don’t need a bookkeeper because your business is small. Whether you are a large technology company or a small one-person floral shop, you need a skilled bookkeeper who knows tax rules, can help you identify if your business brought in a loss or a profit, and will advise you on tracking your expenses.

If you have a very painful toothache, would you call a plumber? Of course not! You’d call a dentist and ask for an appointment immediately. It’s the same with bookkeeping. Why would you trust yourself to handle details for things like taxes and financial decision-making if you aren’t experienced in these areas? Just because your business needs a bookkeeper doesn’t mean that your wallet will be maxed out. You don’t need a large firm to handle your bookkeeping. A local bookkeeper is an effective and reliable option. Plus, as you get to know your bookkeeper and he or she learns more about your business, what expenses you have, and such, he or she will be able to possibly make recommendations for how you can cut losses or make financial decisions. Basically, a bookkeeper might be able to actually save you money.

Another important factor here is when you are working one on one with a bookkeeper is that he or she will truly know the financial end of your business. When it’s time to file your taxes, the bookkeeper will have all of your financial data organized and neat. You won’t be wasting time figuring out where a receipt from six months ago is or trying to understand how to file those taxes. Instead, your bookkeeper will have taken care of everything. You probably will wonder to yourself how you ever managed to run your business without that bookkeeper! The truth is you’ll be amazed at how smooth your financial information looks. And you are left with the time you need to run your business, solicit customers, and bring in more opportunities.

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