Tips from TAP: Need for Bookkeeping

Running a business in Canada involves managing red tape. There are many government requirements to keep up with. A good bookkeeper will help you manage all of these requirements, so nothing slips through the cracks; however, as a business owner you still need to ensure that someone is engaged to complete these tasks. It can prevent a lot of finger-pointing later. After all, it’s you that the CRA is going to come after for any missed filings or payments.

  1. Reconcile your accounts at the end of each month
  2. Record and pay bills on their due date
  3. Create and issue invoices (and follow up and up and up)
  4. Keep tabs on your cash balance
  5. Process and Reconcile Payroll
  6. Track, file and pay sales tax (GST/PST)
  7. Provide Reports
  8. All the little details

Let TAP assist your business with all of the above.

Download the printable PDF.