Tips from TAP: Need for qualified bookkeeping services

Seventy Four percent of small businesses do NOT employ full-time or part-time bookkeeping help. Consequently, small
business owners are attempting to figure this out without the necessary background, taking away valuable time
from running their business.

Throwing data into accounting software without knowing the key elements of the bookkeeping process can create some
disastrous results. And those results may adversely affect your tax return.
Three options for business bookkeeping: handle it yourself, utilize online bookkeeping programs or outsource to a CPA.

Small businesses embrace online tools for their lower dollar cost, but without accounting expertise, spend valuable time trying to figure out tasks in desperate need of a human being for guidance.

Fourth Option: TAP Bookkeeping is a qualified bookkeeping provider, we charge less than accountants, but can deliver
exactly what you need.

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