Tips from TAP – 5 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Customer service is the backbone of a successful business.
Given that customer service is so important, avoid the most common customer service mistakes.

  1. Over-automation: Just because it can be automated does not mean it should be, and it also does not mean the automation will automatically translate into cost savings.
  2. Failing to listen: Assuming you know what the customer wants, instead of listening to the customer, is a big mistake.
  3. Being reactive instead of proactive: Don’t be satisfied with mediocre
    products or services that will come with complaints or problems. Get it right the first time by providing exceptional products or services.
  4. Undervaluing customer service staff: Reward your customer service staff for providing great service.
  5. Not giving customers what they want: Customers want accurate
    answers or quick, efficient and respectful solutions, even if the answer or solution is not ideal.

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