Tips from TAP – Let’s Not Talk About Bookkeeping

If there is one thing I have learned about providing bookkeeping services, it’s nobody wants to talk about bookkeeping.
Profit and loss statements, bank reconciliations, receipts…it’s just boring numbers and a necessary evil that a business owner has to take care of so they can pay taxes every year.
That’s the general mentality you get from a business owner, and I completely understand it.
The real questions business owners have, and the key decisions they need to make, all rely on good bookkeeping.
Without bookkeeping and awareness of where you stand financially, how is it possible to make those important decisions?
You may not like talking about bookkeeping, but you need the numbers that allow you to have a plan for profitability.
And you need to spend your time driving business and serving clients.
We just won’t call it bookkeeping.

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