Tips from TAP – Managing a business

Managing a business can be stressful. One stressor is the assumption that you need to be constantly connected.
However, studies show that one of the best ways to feel more relaxed is to become less beholden to one’s phone.
Even if you’re running a business, there are practical ways to cut your volume of phone checks down.
Firstly, get a real alarm clock. Resist using your phone as an alarm clock.
Secondly, purchase a watch. Many people use their phone to check the time and end up checking everything else.
Next, set times to deal with e-mail. E-mail will expand to fill all available space. The only way to spend less time on e-mail is to choose to spend less time on e-mail.
Finally, try taking yourself less seriously. If there is an emergency, and you are unreachable, the smart people

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