Tips from TAP – 10 business etiquette tips [2]

  1. Keep personal items off the table. Especially cell phones. This is like bringing along an uninvited guest.
  2. Don’t ask a ton of questions in meetings: A few are good. More than that and you can overwhelm the host or overtake the meeting.
  3. Don’t just walk into someone’s office. When you do this, you assume that you have the right to interrupt another’s work. Call or email and set up a time to talk.
  4. REPLY TO ALL on emails only when it’s necessary. This function can be dangerous as well as useful. For those that need to be kept in the loop, use it, but otherwise, don’t.
  5. Remove people from email threads who don’t need to be there. It’s annoying to get stuck on an email thread when the information is not relevant to your work or situation.

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