Tips from TAP – 10 business etiquette tips [1]

Etiquette might seem old fashioned but is also an essential business tool.
Have you considered the following?

  1. Introduce yourself with your full name. And please that if you are called Bill, that your business card does not say Edward. That just makes it harder to remember the connection!
  2. Uncross your legs. Not only can this be distracting, but is can be bad for you circulation.
  3. Limit your “thank yous”. Yes, be grateful, but too many thank yous in a single conversation may make you come off as needy and unsure of yourself.
  4. Keep your lunch in the kitchen/lunchroom. Your co-workers will appreciate not hearing you crunch on your salad or smell your reheated leftovers!
  5. Always pick up the tab if you did the inviting. Basic, but important. The host for the evening pays the bill.

Watch for 5 more tips next time!!

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