Tips from TAP – Work smart, not hard

Are you a small business owner working 70/80 hours a week and fulfilling many of the roles in your business? As a small coffee shop owner, you probably service customers, mentor your employees, order supplies, do your own bookkeeping, and the list goes on and on.

Overloading ourselves can lead to stress, exhaustion and eventually burnout. When that happens, business suffers.
When starting a business, you will often fill many roles due to financial necessity, but as revenues improve, look at ways to ease this burden.
Work smart, not hard. Ask yourself: What am I good at? What tasks can I outsource? Can I afford to work on certain things myself? Or is my time better spent earning revenue?
If right now, you do your own bookkeeping, taking away from earning revenue or from enjoying your family, it’s time to call a professional. You will be amazed at the difference this will make to you and your business!

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